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Best Kept Secret @ The College Project 8th September

September 4, 2012

Come and join us at The College Project this Saturday for a day of painting fun.


Big thanks and love to all of you who helped make this happen – you know who you are x

Proper Bristol Hip Hop Part One

March 26, 2012

Made a few years ago on a budget of £3.60, here it is at last! The Proper Bristol Hip Hop movie! It’s the story of Hip Hop in the UK as told by a handful of people from Bristol who were there at the beginning. It was made for nothing and made nothing out of it,t goes on a bit, but please give it a chance, you might learn something! Peace!

Graff @ The College March 2012

March 5, 2012

Lots of painting going on at the college, with more to come.  Here are some of the samples that can be seen around the site at present.

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More pictures on our flickr at