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Rooftop Burner Fund – Auctions have started on E-Bay

July 1, 2010

These auctions are all about an artist called Rowdy.   You may or may not know him or his work but you will have no doubt seen his trademark crocodiles.   His career has been relentless; establishing in 1987 when he became an integral part of the Bristol graffiti scene  and in which he is still remains instrumental.

We have had the pleasure of working with Rowdy and he has become a good friend of ours and so were obviously devastated to hear when, recently left his house, (and studio) for a walk, he returned just half hour later, to find everything had been burned to the ground. EVERYTHING! ID, money,  clothes, personal possessions, art, the ability to make art, everything gone!

We realise that there are a whole host of charitable causes worth fighting for, countries that have suffered huge natural disaster who need aid,  but there are times too when friends need help and so for the next couple of weeks there are a number of art auctions on e-bay, organised by Steal from Work and Burning Candy.  All profit will go towards helping Rowdy get back on his feet and start over and to support someone who has so readily supported us as a scene by auctioning some art to help him get back to a position where he can do what he does best, making art.

It’s a testament to his popularity and reputation that so many artists have donated work to this auction. All work has been personally donated by the artists and the galleries that represent them: Banksy, Paul Insect, Swoon, Sickboy, Hush, Espo, the whole Burning Candy crew and a whole bunch more… So, it’s your chance to buy something beautiful and at the same time help out someone who has helped in his way to make graffiti and street art what it is today.

The auctions have started but there is still plenty of time to bid on the current auctions plus a promise of more to follow so go and check them out.

There is also further information at the Steal From Work web-site including information on the lots in future auctions, please click on the image to direct you straight to the site.


SPQR Solo Show Opens Friday 10th October

October 6, 2008








October the 10th, 2008 sees the opening of ‘CAUTIONARY TALES’, the debut solo show by South West stencil artist SPQR. The event, produced by Steal From Work will be held at Trash Express, another lost and forgotten building in the great city of Bristol.


SPQR uses a mix of stencils and freehand spray-can work to montage and subvert popular contemporary imagery from the pop art world through to images harvested from the continual media onslaught.


Highly collected and hugely popular, he quickly sold out at his last two shows and is famed for such iconic pieces as The Fifth Man, Paint Bomber and Patty Hirst.


We invite you to come and enjoy the unveiling of all new works and take note of these cautionary tales…






SHOW NAME:                     Cautionary Tales


ARTIST:                                SPQR


VENUE:                                Trash Express

                                               8-10 Bond Street, Broadmead

                                               (Situated between Rikaxxe Music and Debenhams)


CITY:                                     Bristol, BS1 3LU, UK


OPENING NIGHT:              Friday the 10th October, 2008

                                               7.30pm – 10pm


OPENING TIMES:              Saturday 11th – Sunday the 19th October, 2008

                                               Daily 12pm – 7pm


FFI CONTACT:                    Jono –07527 140 323 /