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Art-el Welcomes Rostone

July 6, 2009
Rostone lives and works on Guernsey in the Channel islands, he is also the 
founding member of the Readerswives Collective and is also one of the 
co-founders of the Centre Fold Gallery. He has exhibited both locally and 
throughout the UK.
Rostone's work is the result of a collision of 'Visual ingredients'. The 
essence of this visual sampling process in his artwork is influenced by his 
music production, he samples from the past, re-appropriates and creates 
something new too. The influence of pop art and graffiti culture are also 
blatantly apparent, as is Rostone's fascination with nostalgia. When 
compiled and collaged together all of these elements create complex layered 
compositions that deal equally with complex subjects of love, memory and the 
coming of age.
He is also currently exhibiting work in the Readerswives current exhibition "The House Of Frankenstein" at The Berni Gallery, The Jersey Arts Centre, Phillips Street, St Helier.
The show runs from the 6th July to the 25th July, here are a few taster pics ...
End Wall
Far End
Mixed End
Wall Overview 3
Ultimate Wrestlers