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Max Rippon (RIPO) show in Barcelona

January 12, 2011

Just a heads up for anyone in or around Barcelona this coming Friday, which sees the opening of a new exhibition of paintings and installations by one of our favourite writers/artists the incredibly talented Ripo.

‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’ opens this Friday, January 14th at Galeria Cosmo, Barcelona and runs until February 14th.

Originating from New York but seemingly in love with Barcelona Ripo continues to tear things up around the walls of Europe and beyond with its unique textbased work and his unique and crazy fresh style. His choice of location for his outdoor work is always bang on the money and his ‘ Your Name Here’ project always had us waiting for his next piece to pop up. His recent ‘ Change in Vain’ wall was definitely one of our highlights of 2010.


October 2, 2010

Please check out the ‘VERMIN – ROOM 101’ pages where you can find lots of Room 101 insight.

Pam Glew – A Mirror Distorted

August 6, 2009

Pam Glew is putting in an appearance in Hollywood this month in a group show at the Carmichael Gallery along with Andrea Michaelsson, Candice Tripp and Cherri Wood, details and information below.

Exhibition Dates: August 6 – August 27 2009

Address: Carmichael Gallery / 1257 N. La Brea Ave / West Hollywood CA 90038

Carmichael Gallery invites you to attend A Mirror Distorted, an all-female international group show featuring new works on canvas, paper and mixed media fabric by artists Andrea Michaelsson, Candice Tripp, Cherri Wood and Pam Glew.

A complete show preview can now be seen here.

Please contact to enquire about available work.


Afghan Girl (above) is from the new ‘Culture Clash’ series, using eclectic found imagery as a starting point, which is both compelling and yet has some element of vulnerability. The emphasis on the new works is to use found imagery from diverse sources; children in horror films (Daydreamer & Wonder), contemporary images of models and icons (Saint & Candy-pop Antichrist) and children in war-torn states (Afghan Girl).

The paradox of the imagery is explored in the fabric flags I use. Constructing handmade flags, making a hybrid of British/ American/ Iraqi/ Palestinian flags, to create a new emblem is partly a comment on the current international climate.


Candy Pop Antichrist (above) is loosely based on Lily Allen, I chose her because of her ‘bad-girl done good’ attitude. Its called ‘Antichrist’ because of the inverted union jack has been turned into an upside-down cross whilst still being recognisable as a British flag.


Saint (above) is based on the model Lily Cole, the one with the angel face and a saintly look about her, (I can’t help thinking that the Pre-raphealites would have loved Lily Cole, shes like a modern day Elizabeth Siddal). The ‘idol’ is given a halo of light, a gentle nod to the way we celebrate beauty above many other attributes.

 The original flags were made from American flags, turned into Union Jacks with many pairs of denim ieans with the rivets and pockets still visible. The images are painted with bleach freehand with a sponge, to make these new deconstructed cameo portraits.


March 17, 2009

If you only get to one exhibition this year, make it this one at the Royal West Of England Academy in Bristol, a major show of new work by the city’s best known and most successful graffiti and street artists and is the first show of its kind in the city since the Arnolfini’s groundbreaking 1985 show, Graffiti Art.

Celebrating Bristols rich and diverse contemporary scene, which has nurtured many of the UK’s most successful graffiti and street artists, including 3D, Inkie, Banksy, Nick Walker, Sickboy and TCF Crew, and continues to be a breeding ground for a wealth of exceptional creative talent.

We have been lucky enough to have visited the venue to watch the work being thrown up and it is going to be a killer of a show. It opens on Friday night and and is open for 6 weeks so get along.

Pam Glew Show ‘Old Glory’ – Bristol

November 8, 2008

old-gloryPam Glew, best known for vandalising international flags to create powerful portraits of women, brings a new collection of work to Bristol.

Working directly onto vintage American flags, fabric and books and inspired by her love of obscure horror movies, she creates an aesthetic that is both alluring and haunting. Expect to see iconic portraits of actresses in contemporary cinema made by dyeing and bleaching vintage textiles, intricate gold stitched words on scraps of flags and stencilled images of shocked women on book covers.

This new work continues her ‘Fear Series’, which this year has been seen at Brick Lane Gallery, Black Rat Press, London and Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles. Whilst Pam Glew has shown in many street art and urban art shows, her innovative use of materials and delicate manipulation of fabric sets her apart from the genre with a delicate touch. She utilizes the craftsmanship of confessional art whilst giving the viewer a very modern and decadent take on pop art.

Pam is currently showing at Trash Express 8-10 Bond Street, Broadmead, Bristol until the 15th November. Opening times 12pm – 7pm

SPQR Solo Show Opens Friday 10th October

October 6, 2008








October the 10th, 2008 sees the opening of ‘CAUTIONARY TALES’, the debut solo show by South West stencil artist SPQR. The event, produced by Steal From Work will be held at Trash Express, another lost and forgotten building in the great city of Bristol.


SPQR uses a mix of stencils and freehand spray-can work to montage and subvert popular contemporary imagery from the pop art world through to images harvested from the continual media onslaught.


Highly collected and hugely popular, he quickly sold out at his last two shows and is famed for such iconic pieces as The Fifth Man, Paint Bomber and Patty Hirst.


We invite you to come and enjoy the unveiling of all new works and take note of these cautionary tales…






SHOW NAME:                     Cautionary Tales


ARTIST:                                SPQR


VENUE:                                Trash Express

                                               8-10 Bond Street, Broadmead

                                               (Situated between Rikaxxe Music and Debenhams)


CITY:                                     Bristol, BS1 3LU, UK


OPENING NIGHT:              Friday the 10th October, 2008

                                               7.30pm – 10pm


OPENING TIMES:              Saturday 11th – Sunday the 19th October, 2008

                                               Daily 12pm – 7pm


FFI CONTACT:                    Jono –07527 140 323 /