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The Perils of the Modern Alchemists – Art Exhibition, Cardiff

March 5, 2012

So yesterday we took a trip over to sunny Wales (sunny and very VERY windy) to take in a show that has been curated by Colour Doomed and Helen Bur.

Having secured a disused warehouse in the lower levels of the Capitol Shopping Centre in Cardiff’s City Centre they have worked hard to fill the space with work from artists, most of whom are students from The Cardiff College of Art and Design.  Paintings, installations, and video are currently on display and will be until the 8th March (open 10am – 6pm).

We had a great afternoon and really enjoyed the show – here are some snippets.

Part of the video installation included a video of ‘The Walking Gallery’, a second one of which was taken out around Cardiff on St David’s Day as part of the exhibition.

Take a look at the video – such a great idea (contains swearing!)

More photos of the show available here

Colour Doomed & Helen Bur

March 5, 2012

Since becoming residents at The College we have had met some really lovely people and they don’t come any nicer than Sam (Colour Doomed) and Helen Bur.  They work hard and paint hard and are very good at both.

Two weeks ago they travelled from Cardiff to the college to paint some of the many boarded up windows around the site.  They picked two of the biggest and as they made a start so did the rain.  It was a battle of wills but the rain took round one as wet and cold Sam & Helen admitted defeat and took santuary in front of the gallery’s fan heater!  But soon the rain gave in and they were up and out and straight back at it until dark, and returning on Sunday the task was completed – Rain 1 – Sam & Helen 2!!

Here are the results –

Colour Doomed @ The College

Colour Doomed (detail) @ The College

Helen Bur @ The College

Helen Bur (detail) @ The College