29th April 2012

Had a visit from Mr Boswell on Thursday (26th April), and despite the horrid high winds and heay showers, he got out and got up! Found himself a nice little sheltered corner and here is what happened.

11th April 2012

New piece at The College by Khoi & Midas

6th April 2012

Last Saturday we were on our way down to the gallery when friend and artist, Onga called to say he had some friends down from Nottingham and were there any spots to paint at the College.

Within the hour Onga, Boaster & Kid30 were at the college and doing their thing which we like very much, plus lovely, lovely people and a great day.

For more pictures of this piece coming together and other work from the college visit our flickr set
25th March 2012

No excuses for not coming to visit us now if you are about in the College – I mean it’s not like you can miss us!

Massive props to Paris – much appreciated x

14th March 2012

So last weekend we spent all of Saturday taking down the gallery and re-hanging it with lots of new goodness for people to feast their eyes upon, including some outstanding new work by american artist RIPO, these will soon be up on the web-site too.

Here’s a little taster, but drop by and see us we’re open Thursday and Friday 11.30am to 5.30pm and Saturday 12.00pm to 4.30pm and we’ve got  the coffee pot on.

New RIPO pieces.

Newly hung wall featuring the 1890’s commissioned fireplace, painted by Paris

This will be the last re-shuffle now until our exciting exhibition schedule takes of in May.

First up Scottish artist, Lyken who has just finished making waves with a massively successful solo show in Glasgow, we’ve seen the pictures and if they’re anything to go by then you’ll want to be catching this show – opening night 4th May.

Next up is English writer Erms / Ermone who will be joing us from Paris (his current place of residence).  He has some pretty exciting ideas for the space so you’re not going to wanting to miss this one either.


The opening night for this show is the 1st June which co-incides with the start of the Bristol Biennial, so this won’t be any normal gallery opening as there will also be live music and entertainment, to include Kev the poet and the Triangulators (full details to follow).

Ladies love the summer and this summer we are loving the ladies.  The 29th of June sees the opening of a joint show with Fran Williams and Leanne Ellis, two very different styles but both extremly beautiful.

Fran Williams, new work “Call To Mind”. Available at the AAF, Battersea, London 15-18 March

Leanne Ellis new work “Intention”

Bringing Brighton to Bristol in August, Pinky opens his solo show on the 3rd.  Psychedlic wonderment!

Pinky in Bristol @ See No Evil 2011

So peeps, get those dates in your diaries, it’s good times a head!


Gallery now open – come and see us soon.

20th January 2012

So the doors have been thrown open on Art-el’s new gallery space.

The day started off quite relaxed, maybe a little too relaxed as time check at 4pm sent us into panic.  But what really had to be done got done and we were ready for 6pm with a clean and tidy gallery, cider in barrels, the cob oven fired up for pizza, the screen printing all set up and the massive brazier burning away outside.

It was an amazing night with at least 150 of you making your way up the beaten track to support us on our opening night – we really couldn’t have been more stoked and can’t thank you all enough.  We had a great night.

January 2012

Quite a relaxed month considering.  It’s such a difference having space and time unlke the pop ups where you’re in, up, on, down and out!!!

Flyers have been designed and printed and promo is underway.

Massive thanks to Paris for design & Ripe Digital for the printing – check them out!

A great big cob oven has also landed in the college kitchen – so it’s looking like pizza on opening night too.

December 2011

Really want to open this month and it would be great to be open for Christmas.  The pressure is on in the hanging stakes now.

Into December and so much to do, have decided not to rush and have now set the date for opening night as the 20th January 2011.  Going to enjoy Christmas and New Year and then get straight back on it.

November 2011

Having got to a point that we can’t do any more, it’s time to get the serious boys in for some boarding and partitioning.

With the boarding up and our storage space partioned off, plenty of filling and sanding and 3 (or was it four) coats of white emulsion and we nearly have ourselves a gallery.

And while we were busy doing that – Leigh at Tunnadine Bespoke Framing was also busy.  Here is a small selection of the framing that she did for us.

October 2011

Work begins in the disused classroom, starting with a complete ceiling overhaul!

And the day soon turns into night!

Another day and the ceiling is finished along with the main wall.

Leaving time for a little light entertainment!

September 2011

With our proposal submitted a couple of suspenseful weeks past waiting for the College committee to meet to discuss our proposal.  It is with great excitement that we learn that the proposal has been accepted and we are off to meet with Alex of Artspace Lifespace next week to view the space they have in mind for us.

The space is great, but needs a fair bit doin gto it before if can open as a gallery.  And after crossing a few T’s and dotting a few I’s it looks like Art-el has it’s first permanent space.

August 2011

Having spent a couple of days in the sun at the college watching Paris, Mr Jago, Mark Lyken, Onga and Tali and enjoying the general chilled, community vibe of the college, it was decided to get our heads together and write a proposal for a gallery space on site.

For more potographs of this awesome production check out our flickr set at

The College

The College on Marksbury Road is the latest Artspace Lifespace Project.  Having been given a year’s lease on the empty college site work started in February 2011 to make the place a safe to work, play, teach and be creative in.   A lot has been established in this first year and the college is now houses studios, a forge, a printmakers, an indoor skate park, yoga and other meditative medium teachings and now a gallery and it is growing all the time.

For more information on The College and Artspace Lifespace please visit

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