So this event occurred just over a week ago now but since then things have been a bit crazy for us at Art-el, however it’s still worth a mention and a few pics.

In Bedminster Down you can found a little gem of a communty art space,  ZION promotes art from within the local community by showing regular exhibitions and holding creative events and other activities including quiz nights, markets and workshops.

In April of this this year artist and illustrator, Andy Council painted Zionasaurus in the centre’s garden to celebrate the official opening.

Since then Andy has spent a fair bit of his time at Zion turning this painting into sculpture, and after a complicated construction, Zionasaurus was finally installed at Zion Community Art Centre, Bedminster Down, Bristol and received an official launch party on the 26th May.

And, whilst on the subject of Andy Council, here’s the piece he painted at Upfest this weekend (a bit more current!), on North Street’s Workout Gym, Bristol.


Available at now.  A selection of beautiful new originals on paper and canvas and 2 new giclee prints.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some of the paper pieces may look familiar as the images have popped up around Bristol (on a much larger scale of course)!

Lambeosaurus - painted in a sunny Bristol gardenSmilodon - painted with Sepr at Horfield skate park

Smilodon - painted with Sepr at Horfield skate parkParasaurolophus - Ashley RoadParasaurolophus - Ashley Road

Parasaurolophus - Ashley Road

BIOGRAPHY – posted 20/05/2011

Andy Council is a Bristol based artist who has enjoyed international recognition for his work in recent years. He has recently exhibited with Corey Helford gallery in Los Angeles who brought the ‘Art From the New World’ exhibition to Bristol Museum. He has also shown his work at the RWA and has a piece in Bristol City Museum’s permanent collection. His style is a highly individual amalgamation of architecture, structure and character; rendering intricately detailed compositions of imagined creatures composed of iconic objects. His work has featured in many books and magazines, walls and windows. The city of Bristol is often present as inspiration and subject matter in his work.

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