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Pam Glew, ‘Beautiful and Damned’ – solo show 25th-29th May

April 30, 2011

‘Beautiful and Damned’ is Pam’s third solo in London. It looks at the very beginning of the film era, silent movies and the roaring twenties.

The new movies stars in the Jazz Age were as F. Scott Fitzgerald described them, both“beautiful and damned”. Appearing glossy and carefree, attending speak easies, holding lavish parties and dabbling in the new hobbies of drinking in the prohibition times, smoking and dancing. But the new wealth in Hollywood had its dangers, and lives in the spotlight were often short. Suicide rates were high amongst the new rich actresses, and stars like

Lupe Velez famously drowned in her toilet, Olive Thomas, ‘the original flapper’ died of a mercury overdose, Carole Lombard died in a plane crash and Peg Entwistle jumped to her death off the H of the Hollywood sign.

The tragedy amongst the beauty is what has inspired this show, the sharp contrast between a blessed life and one that ends in scandal, hedonism or destitution.

The Work

Pam Glew is perhaps best known for her unique bleaching technique on fabric. She uses dye and bleach to deconstruct and distress vintage materials in her own breed of painting.

For the Beautiful and Damned series, the artist uses found materials from the 1920s and 1930s, utilising antiques for the first time. Each piece is deconstructed, dyed, and bleached many times until a portrait emerges from the cloth.

Antique botanical fabric ‘crewel work’ from 1930s, and American quilts from 1920s are all used in a similar way to the ‘flag series’ but in this series the materials are the oldest and most precious that the artist has ever used.

Flapper, portrait of Clara Bow

Flapper and actress. Her psychotic mother threatened Bow with a butcher knife when she found out her daughter was set for a movie career, when her mother hesitated, Bow fended her off and locked her up.

In 1944 Bow herself tried to commit suicide and was treated for chronic insomnia,schizophrenia with electroshock therapy.

Chaplin - portrait of Charlie Chaplin

Perhaps the most iconic silent movie star. He had significant scandal in his life, was accused of “abnormal, unnatural, perverted and degenerate sexual desires” by his second wife (she seems to have been referring to oral sex). Had affairs with most of his co-stars and married 4 times, fathered 12 children. 18 year-old Oona became his forth wife, when Charlie was 54.

BLACKALL STUDIOS, 73 Leonard Street, Shoredith, London, EC2A 4QS



Gallery Hours: 10:00 – 18:00 (late night opening Thursday 26th May)

Full gallery press release here – Beautiful and Damned_PressRelease

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April 26, 2011

For a brilliant night out and to support an amazing charity head down to the Attic Bar in Stokes Croft on the 6th May. 

Temwa is a very hard-working Bristol based charity who are continually fund-raising in order to provide a sustainable future for the people of Malawi through community based projects.  100% of the profits from the event go directly to Temwa. 

It’s a really fun night and you may even pick yourself up an arty bargain. 

For more about Temwa and the event please take a look at press release here Art for Africa 2011 Press Release

Dale ‘vn’ Marshall – New collection to be released 12/04/11

April 11, 2011

Art-el are delighted to introduce the latest body of work from the artist Dale VN Marshall. October 2010 heralded a breakthrough show of some proportion with the much acclaimed solo exhibition ‘Room 101’ which has set the bar in terms of VN’s relentless almost blind pursuit to make everything he touches a masterpiece.

He’s the first to admit that painting 101 canvases in 101 days has left its mark, but in another way there’s been a distinct slowing of the pace (but no foot off of the gas) and a more mindful approach to his painting, with the letterform now almost dissolving completely whilst concept and context seems to have come to the fore.

After facing so many demons in his last body of work the soothing process has seen him return to Cornwall, the heart of the rural South West to photograph and muse in the grounds of St Lawrence’s institution, where he spent some dark days after his sectioning.

Study #2 - Insideoutside

As a result the new body of work is intertwined with subtle nuances of imagery along with brushstrokes, line work and impasto, that on first glance is instantly more calm and calculated than the hectic and disturbing chaos that was so evident in his previous work.

Perhaps more notably this will be his last collection in the UK for a while, as his third year of fine art study will be undertaken at the prestigious UCLA University in California after nomination from the arts faculty at Coventry University. This is obviously a very exciting move for Dale that will allow him to soak in the culture, so synonymous with that area of the world, especially the world of graffiti, which is intertwined in his background.

This will also allow Dale to prepare for his first solo US exhibition that will be held at the Anno Domini gallery in California in Spring 2012. This follows the sell-out of all nine of his canvases that featured in their prestigious Fresh Produce exhibition which took place at the turn of the year.

Please click here for to preview the collection DPF Dale vn Marshall artwork pdf.  The collection will be launched at 6.30pm (BST) on Tuesday 12th April at

PLEASE NOTE: Sales will only be made on-line and there will be no pre-sales or work reserved.