Art-el Checking In – Latest Newsletter

Just checking in with all the latest news and happenings at Art-el.

We hope this finds you all in good spirits especially with Mr Sun being so co-operative of late.

So here's whats new

Artist Rostone, co-founder of the Centrefold Gallery and member of the somewhat infamous or anonymous Readerswives Collective who reside on their own crazy Isle of Guernsey. Not strictly speaking their own Isle but you get the drift.                                                                                     
Rostone's work is the result of a collision of 'Visual ingredients'. The essence of this visual sampling process in his artwork is influenced by his music production, he samples from the past, re-appropriates and creates something new to. The influence of Pop Art and Graffiti culture are also blatantly apparent, as is Rostone's fascination with nostalgia. When compiled and collaged together all of these elements create complex layered compositions that deal equally with complex subjects of love, memory and the coming of age.                                                                                                          
He has exhibited both locally and throughout the UK, and we are pleased to bring in a very affordable range of his original work.

With open arms & our hearts on our sleeves we also bring you a new selection of work from one of our favourite females in the form of Dora. We have a number of original pieces & splattering of limited edition prints, so go check her section.

On the same theme and opening on the 10th of July at the Oblong Gallery is an exhibition well worth a visit. Great Birds of Great Britain is an exhibition of both solo and collaborative works from Art-el represented artists Dora & Milk in conjunction with the talented Amour and the delightfully dope photography of the lovely K148.

The first ever collaborative show from the above artists. The four formed this collective after meeting in the underground graffiti circles, painting walls and photographing the evolution of the art form. Print, paint and photography have brought these four birds together.

After finding each others' passions they are determined to take a step forward and create something totally fresh and unique. Expect to peer into a boudoir of colour, texture and design with solo and collaborative pieces spilling from wall to canvas and back again. Exploring an intoxicating mix of juiced up logos, great birds, female forms and a spoonful of graffiti seen through a very different eye.

Great Birds of the British Isles
Oblong Gallery
69A Southgate Road
N1 3JS

More news coming very soon

Peace & Love


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