We at Art-el have been talking to lots of exciting artists recently and this week we introduce –

Sums One and Bristol’s number one tagger scum!  Known for his trademark ‘paw’ and intricate patterns, we have some original work on canvas and some beautiful hand painted skateboard decks to offer up.


Society’s current obsession with sex and consumerism makes for an interesting mix and Julian Murphy cleverly exploits this with his clever blending of eroticism with popular consumer culture.


A couple of new pieces from the man of many talents Andy Council, who produced one of the best pieces in this years Graffle.  From illustration to freehand spray these two new pieces represent the artist’s current exploration of a style much looser than the tight lines and form he is best known for.


New screen prints from China Mike hot on the heels of his Manchester exhibition with Richt & Guy Mckinley.  A new piece from Ria Hill and next week 4 originals from the newest Art-el member Replete.


It’s also been an exciting month for Adam Koukoudakis, he entered one of his pieces ‘Norman’ into The National Art Competition.  And we are very pleased to say that the piece was accepted from over 1200 pieces in the region to be judged.  All the accepted work can now be viewed at The Chichester Festival Theatre until the 22nd November.   More information can be found here

In recognition of this success we are offering 10% of off Adam’s Comical Father n’ Son and Kids with Guns boards and his Stencils are for C.. pieces for a limited time only so grab them now!


Also now available collaborative screen prints from Will Barass and a new face to Art-el the talented but quirky Steven Smith (Neasden Control Centre). This is a crazy morphing of styles that is easy on the eye and the pocket.


K guy has been up to more of his off the cuff, but well executed tomfoolery.  Just imagine getting pulled by the constabulary and having 3 double mattresses on the roof of your motor, oh plus the two singles inside!! I s**t you not.  See telling the truth does pay.


And finally, for those of you looking for something a little alternative to robins and nativity scenes on your Christmas cards this year check out Temwa, a charity whose aim it is to build a sustainable future for the people of Malawi.  They have put together a pack of graffiti Christmas cards designed by TCF Crew members, Xenz, Ziml, Eko, Seza & Aji.  Check them out or better still go buy some at

Love & peace


PS Go check our rapidly expanding Book section. Great for xmas!


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