Pam Glew Show ‘Old Glory’ – Bristol

old-gloryPam Glew, best known for vandalising international flags to create powerful portraits of women, brings a new collection of work to Bristol.

Working directly onto vintage American flags, fabric and books and inspired by her love of obscure horror movies, she creates an aesthetic that is both alluring and haunting. Expect to see iconic portraits of actresses in contemporary cinema made by dyeing and bleaching vintage textiles, intricate gold stitched words on scraps of flags and stencilled images of shocked women on book covers.

This new work continues her ‘Fear Series’, which this year has been seen at Brick Lane Gallery, Black Rat Press, London and Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles. Whilst Pam Glew has shown in many street art and urban art shows, her innovative use of materials and delicate manipulation of fabric sets her apart from the genre with a delicate touch. She utilizes the craftsmanship of confessional art whilst giving the viewer a very modern and decadent take on pop art.

Pam is currently showing at Trash Express 8-10 Bond Street, Broadmead, Bristol until the 15th November. Opening times 12pm – 7pm

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