K-Guys Lovehate print release – Today


Today Art-el are pleased to unleash K-Guy’s new Lovehate prints. The originals were recently exhibited at the ‘Expression’ exhibition at the Brick Lane Gallery.




Each print has a hand finished background, then screen printed by the artist, followed by more embellishment making each unique and giving them a distressed, textural feel. 


They are not your Ikea, mass produced, machine engineered, lifeless, bosh ‘em out prints – and the results are stunning.  In the words of the artist he wanted to produce a print edition with “some soul, with some life and with a little punk rock thrown in for good measure”!  Available in 4 different variations, two editions of 50, one in silver and one in gold, plus ‘Jacked Up’ limited edition of 12 on slate card so thick these will have to be sent out flat and an edition of 10 artist proofs.


The image highlights our governments obsession with self harm  The bullshit we have been fed by Politicians via the media means that we live in fear, it’s an easy way of keeping the nation under control. The LOVEHATE wording stems from the classic love & hate knuckle tattoo but K’s take on it was to join the 2 words together to form one word i.e. there is no space between love and hate. Creating a new word in the English language meaning loving hate.


Over the past couple of years K-Guy has emerged & decorated the streets with his hard edged graphic style, often using discarded trash and found objects as the basis or medium of his work.  He has brought a poignant, relevant and thought provoking slant to the street art scene tackling challenging and sometimes controversial subjects which manifest themselves into visual rants. Sticking two fingers firmly up at the culturally elite he likes nothing more than to expose society’s dysfunction and the things people automatically SWEEP UNDER THE GREY MATTER.


“We are all Prostitutes and Junkies! Remember that when you’re trudging through the rain to work supping your skinny latte”.








































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