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Far West Randomness

July 31, 2008


Thought we would make the most of the glorious summer weather at the weekend, and headed into town for a bite to eat and a wonder along the water front. 


Curiosity got the better of us when we saw a crowd forming outside the Arnolfini so we headed across to see what was going on, and well, we stumbled across what could be describe as the most random piece of performance art ever.


2 men in a Perspex cube dashing each other in tomato ketchup and soy sauce – yes folks you did read that right.  And here are the photos to prove it!  Unfortunately they aren’t brilliant snaps due to the sun and reflection but, you’ll get the gist!











So what was it all about?




The Far West exhibition runs until the 31st August, 10am – 6pm (except Mondays),  more details can be found at the link below but we can’t comment on the rest of the exhibition – we were too stunned to venture in!








Art-el Print News

July 4, 2008

Evening all
Just to give people the heads up on a few Art-el prints that are currently available in limited numbers at

First up we have a print from the legend that is Mr Jago.

“What was to go on the canvas was not a picture but an event,” mused art critic Harold Rosenburg of Jackson Pollock some fifty years back. The same observation can just as easily be applied to Mr Jago, humanoid of the Bristol scene, and founding member of the renowned Scrawl Collective. His explosive artwork layers robotic characters with free-flowing strokes and inky splashes, instantly calling to mind the chaotic intensity of “Jack the Dripper’s” riotous screens.




Secondly from Brighton’s hot young thing that is Pam Glew, and her Crime Scene screen print.
Pam Glew is a contemporary British artist, working in unusual media to produce modern paintings. Manipulating images of female icons in horror films in the current “Fear series”, she plays with our notion of paranoia, attraction and the American Dream. The portraits often portray vacuous beauty, within a compellingly seductive image.
The 100 x 70cm print is a 6 colour edition (grey, white, cream, red, blue and black) the beauty of it is that the layers are translucent quite stippled, so it looks very original and has a great depth,

The grey layer is mixed very loosely with a medium which mixes when it is being printed, so the whole piece has some great movement and layers of colour add to this a final coat of “dirty varnish” which ties in all the colours together, and makes the print much richer.