V for Very well deserved

We arrived in Shoreditch at around 3pm on Wednesday and there was already a queue of very cold looking Nick Walker devotees congregating outside the Black Rat Press for the show print.

On Thursday evening we made our way to the exhibition guided in by red vandal balloons tied to lamposts down Shoreditch High Street.  When we finally got in the first piece on the wall was the coveted Life’s Too Short print and what a print it is, with its glitter and varnish finish it looks quite something.   Worth a 30 hour hour wait in the cold? ……….. probably! 

The work on canvas was equally impressive, as expected.  The ‘vandal’ had obviously been a busy boy.  Tokyo, Vandal Atlantic Airways, the US even a couple of rats (could they be Banksy’s? ……. you decide!) have suffered for the sake of the vandals creativity.

The intricacy of the stencil work is amazing and certainly pulled in the crowds, the place was rammed, the red dots flew up and it was great to see Nick getting the recognition he deserves and has grafted for.  I’m sure the signature hat adorning stag who overlooked the evenings proceedings agrees!

A big congratulations to Nick and to The Black Rat Press for putting on a great show.

The exhibition runs for 2 weeks so get down there and have a browse, but don’t expect to be able to buy anything!

For more information see http://www.blackratpress.co.uk/events.php

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