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Spring News from the Art-el Crew

March 16, 2008

Hello you crazy cats.

After a couple of months in rehab in the depths of rural wilderness, Art-el is back with a bang. Emerging from the debris is a new web-site and new artists as well as lots of new, warm and sticky delights from the original Art-el crew. Unleashing fresh new sheet from incoming new artists which include ….

• Bristol based artist & femme fatale, Dora, who in the last few years has turned her back on life in the smoke to bring a fresh, feminine style to the streets of Bristol. Her pieces on reclaimed wood are nicely nicely, so check them out.
• The weird and wonderful world of Jason Atomic and his brand new limited edition set of tart cards.
• London based legendary typographer extraordinaire Sheone with limited edition works from his new Slogan series.
• The man of the moment and coincidently the man they couldn’t hang, SPQR, with his first screen printed edition of his very well received ‘Fifth Man’ image. Screen printed on a hand finished background. Plus a sprinkling of limited work on canvas.
• New prints from up and coming subversive street meddler and magician, the man that always sleeps alone , Motorboy!!
• Delightful, feminine and wife friendly (on 2nd thoughts!) prints from Art-el’s baby of the party, Ria Hill or should that be down-right dirty and erotic Rudie Red?

And new work from the existing crew which will include ….

New work on silk and canvas, plus paintings on some, ridiculously expensive ‘magic’ paper” from Mr Jago. Prints from Brian Jones, Dr.D and STOT and new work on American flags from Pam Glew.

And of course there is still work available from the usual suspects, Misteraitch, Adam Koukoudakis, Ben Frost, Simon Lovelace and Eelus.

All this plus we are currently in talks with some other very exciting artists so ……

Watch this space!